Iridium Satellite Phone Service Covers The Globe

Providing government, business and residential customers with the power of satellite driven communications, the Iridium satellite phone service is one of the industry leaders in using this technology. The company is noted as being the service provider for the United States Department of Defense, which happens to speak well for the advances that have been made in satellite communications technology over the past few decades.

Rather than rely on giant dishes and impossible to use devices, companies like Iridium satellite phone service have managed to shrink the technology to more usable forms. The satellite phones in use today tend to operate and look more like regular land lines or even cell phones, but the power that backs them is much greater.

The Iridium Pre paid satellite phone plans company, for example, operates using about 66 low-earth orbiting satellites. These devices are cross-linked to provide as seamless of coverage as possible for customers that are quite broad ranging. Thanks to its massive satellite installation, Iridium is considered the owner of the biggest satellite constellation in the entire world. The company tends to cater to business and government clients, but its applications are also favored by many residential customers who live in out of the way places.

As the Iridium system becomes more sound and reliable, more businesses and even residential customers are turning to this company to provide their voice and data transfer solutions. Industries that benefit from satellite phone service, include:

Defense: When telephone lines go down, satellites don’t. This is the reason why government agencies such as the Department of Defense rely on companies like Iridium. It’s not a good idea for the defense department to lose contact with its key employees. Satellites help make sure this doesn’t happen.

Shipping: Many maritime companies rely on satellite phones for their coverage areas and convenience. Not relying on cell towers to power them, these phones are ideal for shipping companies that have vessels traveling in and out of remote regions.

Aviation: There aren’t landlines on airplanes, but there are satellite phones. These devices work above and beyond regular radio frequencies to keep passengers and pilots in touch with the ground. Whether it’s commercial aviation or government related, satellite phones are fast becoming the communication tool of choice.

Transportation: We’ve all heard the horror stories about going through the mountains and losing cell phone service. Transportation companies that rely on satellite phone services, such as Iridium, do so to prevent this eventuality. When staying in constant touch is important, companies such as the Iridium satellite phone service are a good way to go.

Emergency services: Agencies that provide emergency and humanitarian services in remote locations are turning to satellite phone service to ensure their worker have constant contact with each other and their home offices. Since satellite phones can offer virtual worldwide coverage, they provide a sound solution where the might be nothing else.

As technology marches forward so too does the reliability and effectiveness of satellite technology. Powering communications for government and industry, the iridium-3m-cable-kit satellite phone services provided by companies like Iridium are become the way business gets done.

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