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For communication access in remote areas, where there is no cellular coverage, satellite phone rentals are considered ideal low-cost solutions. Rental plans can be selected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Short term iridium-9505-9505a-antenna phone rentals are ideal for people who plan fishing and hunting trips in remote regions, travelers going abroad for a short time, and the like.

If your itinerary has areas that fall under cellular non-coverage range, but you still want to stay in touch, renting a satellite phone is the best option. Satellite phone rentals are aplenty and come with various schemes so as to suit everyone’s needs. Renting satellite phones is always an attractive option than buying one due to the low cost incurred. Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Iridium satellite networks offer wide range of isatphone pro rentals to choose from. These global service providers provide international service at affordable costs.

Rental programs come with many attractive deals and discounts. Most don’t charge activation fees and go easy on roaming costs. Many rental programs have free accessories included. For instance, renting Iridium 9500 or 9505 enables you to get incoming Short Messaging Service (SMS), voice mail, AC travel charger, leather holster, and high capacity batteries for free. The package also includes accessories available at flat rates. It is a common feature for phone dealers to offer free extra batteries and even free extra days of usage.

If you are drifting in and out of cellular coverage in the North American region, renting a Globalstar GSP1600 is the right thing to do. With an airtime of $1.55 per minute, it covers U.S and Caribbean. The rental cost is $35 per week.

When you want to rent satellite phones, you can start with selecting the phone service provider. While Globalstar is ideal for U.S., Canada, and Caribbean, Iridium is good for rentals outside Continental U.S., Canada, and Caribbean. One can also have the options of pre-paid and post-paid airtime to choose from. []Satellite Phones provides detailed information on Handheld Satellite Phones, Satellite Phone Plans, Satellite Phone Rentals, Satellite Phone Services and more. Satellite Phones is affiliated with []Satellite Radio Reviews.

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